The new MARKAGE FD is a EI90S-classified rectangular multi-blade fire damper for wall mounting in light and rigid walls. Thanks to its slimline design (without protruding damper blades), it is an ideal damper for applications with limited space requirements but, eventually, high air flow requirements. The FD is available in small to very large sizes (up to 1.000 x 2.400 mm).

The slimline profile of the MARKAGE FD brings a number of benefits, both in the design and installation stage:

  • Its slimline dimensions with no protruding damper blades makes the MARKAGE FD the ideal fire damper for installations with space restrictions but, eventually, high air flow requirements.
  • Think installation next to 90° bends or T-junctions without interfering with the net section of the adjacent duct.
  • Or installations including a grill on one end of the damper.
The larger dimensions of the MARKAGE FD allow for catering high flow requirements in just one or a limited number of slimline fire damper(s).

Larger dimensions reduce the need for battery assemblies when dealing with high air flow requirements:

  • easier to plan and calculate
  • easier to install and connect
  • only 1 point of connection for power, monitoring and controlling
  • combined with the benefits of a slimline design without protruding damper blades
MARKAGE FD vs CU2/B (battery assembly 
till W2400 x H1000mm)

The MARKAGE FD comes in the following range: 200 x 200 – 1.000 x 2.400 mm. Width per 50mm, height in steps of 200mm.

The new FD is equipped with BELIMO fire damper actuators BFL, BFN and BF in 24V, 24V-ST and 230V-versions. From H1.200mm on, actuation is achieved by combining multiple Belimo actuators (number and actuators used are height dependent).


Product features & benefits

  • Only 250mm deep and no protruding damper blades
  • CE-certified according EN15650:2010
  • Tested according EN1366-2 & classified according EN13501-3
  • 90’ classifications in gypsum board wall systems and massive walls
  • Vertical and horizontal axis orientation (0°, 90°, 270° & 360°)
  • Range from W200 x H200 till W1.000 x H2.400mm
  • Net sections from 0,034 to 2,04m2
  • Communication field devices can be added in the actuator compartment
  • Installation aids

Typical applications

  • Compartmentation for HVAC-installations with high airflow requirements
  • Eventually, with duct on one side and grill on the other end:
    – car parks, exhibition or sports facilities, large technical rooms
  • Compartmentation for HVAC-installations with limited available space in shafts or for
    connecting to ducting bends:
    – no conflicts with protruding damper blades
    – for small to very large sizes


The MARKAGE FD has following classifications (for range 200 x 200 till 1.000 x 2.400mm): 

In light & massive wall 100mm: EI 90 (ve i<->o) S (300Pa)

In combination with:

  • ≥100mm GKF (EN520) Gypsum board wall system 
  • ≥100mm aerated concrete wall ≥550kg/m3
  • Sealed with mortar (MW) or coated HD stonewool boards ≥140kg/m3 (LW & MW) 
  • 0, 90, 180 & 270° axis orientation

Go to the Markage FD product page on our website to find all relevant information and documents of this new product: range and dimensions, operation and mechanisms, options and kits, installation and classifications.