Rf Technologies introduces these new additions, resulting in an unparalleled offering in the market.

Our SC+ butterfly valves already possess the most comprehensive classifications in the market, and these latest developments mean that you can now generate even more configurations with our butterfly valves, setting us apart as truly unique in the market.

Here are the key highlights:


Expansion of Classifications:

For the SC+60 and SC+90 models, new classifications have been incorporated. The potential seal options for SC+60 have been expanded to include gypsum and coated stone wool, applicable to both flexible and solid walls. Additionally, for the SC+90, a sealing option involving gypsum + 2×12.5mm gypsum boards within 100mm flexible and solid walls is introduced.

New Minimum Distances for 60 and 90 Minutes:


The aforementioned new classifications can also be employed with minimum distances of 50mm between 2 SC+ butterfly valves and 45mm between an SC+ butterfly valve and the ceiling or wall.

Upcoming: Classifications with Armaflex Insulation!

Rf-t has successfully completed 60-minute fire tests with 3 types of Armaflex insulation around the air ducts. The tested types are:

3. EVO

The classifications for these new sealing methods will be added shortly. You will undoubtedly find more information about this in an upcoming newsletter. These additions underscore our dedication to consistently offering innovative and reliable solutions that align with the needs of our customers.