All-purpose smoke control shutter

Kamouflage AP

Step into the future of smoke control systems with Kamouflage AP, our latest innovation designed to redefine versatility and performance in the industry. Our Kamouflage range of aesthetic motorized smoke control shutters expands with a
vedw-classified version: The Kamouflage AP.

Kamouflage AP

1V 60 (60')

Kamouflage AP

1V 120 (90' & 120')

The Kamouflage AP Smoke Shutter
with vedw-classification BS EN1366-10.

vedw Classifications BS EN1366-10

The Kamouflage AP is a vedw-classified smoke control shutter that responds to changes in the 

BS EN1366-10 test standard for smoke control dampers as well as other BS-standards and guidance documents. Its one-fits-all qualities sets new standards for flexibility in relation to different smoke management systems while combining aesthetics with ease of operation and installation , as well as aeraulic, acoustic and thermal performance.

Benefits Kamouflage AP

Can be used in smoke management systems requiring a ved, vewor vedw classification.
  • Can be installed in BS EN1366-8 tested smoke control ducts or builder’s work shafts
  • Tested according BS EN1366-10 for duct mounted smoke control dampers as well as BS EN1366-2 for compartment boundary mounted smoke control dampers
  • Classification: EI60/90/120 (vedw <-> o) S 1000 C10000 AA multi 
  • Multi compartment smoke control damper for systems with automatic activation to be used in smoke control systems, operated only in the case of emergency (‘Multi’, ‘AA’) and suitable for use in combined smoke control and environmental systems, like HVAC or night cooling (C10000)
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Smoke control dampers installed in builder’s work ducts or shafts
that are designed to extract smoke and hot gases as part of SHEVS.

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Aesthetic solution that can be integrated in any interior design

The Kamouflage AP offers the best in class thermal insulation

The Kamouflage AP offers best in class thermal insulation

1,1 W/m²K

Due to its fully insulated and sealed doublepanel door leaf, the Kamouflage AP offers a thermal insulation level that equals high efficiency double glazing (HR++).

As a result, Kamouflage AP helps to reduce energy losses through supply and exhaust air or smoke extraction ducts and shafts, improving the energy efficiency of the building.

Excellent acoustic insulation thanks to a double-walled insulated door leaf and seal

The Kamouflage AP offers excellent acoustic insulation

Rw (C, Ctr): 33 (-2, -3)

The Kamouflage AP helps to reduce noise between floors via the smoke control ducts/shhafts.

The acoustic attentuation of the Kamouflage AP is equivalent to that of double and even some triple insulation glazed units. 

Go for maximal net section or adapt to shallow ducts/shafts

  • To maximise net passage, the Kamouflage AP opens 90° regardless of size.
  • However, if the depth of the shaft does not allow full opening, its motor control also allows partial opening.

High free air passage and
minimal pressure losses

Download the Kamouflage AP brochure

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